I’m a Social Media Expert, Founder & Business Owner of Crab Social. My business is based in one of the Caribbean Islands, Curacao.


Together we Connect,


& Motivate.

Determined, Focused, Goal Oriented

I am an international entrepreneur. Crab Social has an international community with clients from the Caribbean, Europe and (Latin) America. We are dedicated to empower you to create an incredible business on Social Media…

… and to succeed on Social Media with your own business, so you can be truly proud of yourself and the community you’ve built!

“Your vibe attracts your tribe”

I am creative and commercially minded...

I’m Determined, Focused, Goal Oriented, Enthusiastic, Positive, Approachable, Flexible, Peaceful, Humble, Strong, Honest, Goal-getter and not to forget Motivated to be the person that can help you grow as a person and business in social media.

I am a creative and commercially minded Social Media Expert, bringing clarity and vision to every project I work on.

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