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I am 

“I educate and guide you through the social media process.
Because I believe that social media can help you grow your business to the next level.”

I am 

“I educate and guide you through the social media process.
Because I believe that social media can help you grow your business to the next level.”

About Flavina

My name is Flavina Wanga,

I am a Social Media Expert, Business Owner of Crab Social, and mother of one adorable child.

My business is based in one of the Caribbean Islands, Curacao. The community of Crab Social is international, our clients come from the Caribbean, Europe and (Latin) America.

Me and my team are excited to welcome you to our community.

With love,

More About Flavina!

1-on-1 Social Media Marketing Growth Session

Do you ask yourself often how to make money with Social Media?
You are an entrepreneur that wants to sell products or services online. You need a Social Media Expert that answers all your questions about making engaging content in a consistent way, how to do paid advertisement/ boosting, how to engage with your customers and ultimately how to SELL on Social Media. If you need all of these and more let me tell you how I can help you below.


Customized Social Media Strategy for successful growth.

Customized Content

Engaging Content Including Optimized Design and Posting on Social Media.

Ads for Facebook & Instagram

Creating and Monitoring, Advertising and Boosting on Social Media.

Customer Service and Relationship

Communicating with your followers on your behave so you can focus on your core business.

Social Media Awareness Training

‘Konsiente’ means conscious in Curaçao’s native language Papiamentu.

The mission of project Konsiente is to teach parents, educators, teens and preteens about the conscious use of social media.

I have helped hundreds of teachers and parents to become social media savvy and would love to help you as well so you can protect and guide your children and students even better on social media.

More About Konsiente...



Are you concerned about your child’s online safety and digital well-being? We understand the challenges that come with parenting in the digital age.

That’s why we’ve created a FREE Social Media Awareness Contract designed to help parents guide their children in making responsible and safe choices on social media platforms. It’s in Curacao’s native language of Papiamentu.

    Hire me as a Social Media Expert or Trainer.

    My work is my passion, which makes it no surprise that I love to talk about Social Media Marketing. I am passionate about sharing my success stories as a businesswoman, an entrepreneur and a mom, as well as my failures, as I believe this helps other entrepreneurs grow and succeed quicker during their journey.

    I’m always open for an interview on tv, radio, newspaper, magazine and of course Social Media.

    I love to give back to the community whether it’s by sharing my knowledge and/ or by helping to promote a community event on Social Media.

    Contact me for more information