The mission of project Konsiente is to teach parents, educators, teens and preteens about the conscious use of social media.


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A conscious and positive use of social media starts with ourselves, by being conscious each time we post and share content on our social media accounts. We reach and uphold this level of Social Media Awareness by being conscious each time we react and comment on posts by others…

…Just like in real life, social media is another space to set a great example, for ourselves and for the younger generation that is always observing and learning from us.

Social Media Awareness Training

You are a parent thinking about buying a phone for your child. You are a teacher facing challenging student’ behaviors due to cyber bullying and other social media dangers. You want to protect, guide and educate your child and student on social media but do not know how.

Social media changes on a daily basis…

Learn how to stay on top of these changes and become a pro at protecting yourself on social media as well, in order to protect your child on these platforms.

+ Konsiente for parents

Are you aware about all the social media platforms your children are using? These modern tools of communication certainly offers many benefits, but unfortunately involve various disadvantages as well. As a parent it is important to know the best way to guide your children. In the social media awareness training by Konsiente you will learn:

  1. Specific dangers of social media
  2. Rights and privacy on social media platforms
  3. Communication etiquette on social media
  4. The latest social media platforms used by teens and preteens
  5. Tips you can use to guide your kids on social media

+ Konsiente for teachers and professionals

As a teacher you have the added advantage of being able to communicate with your students or clients without the pressure of singling any one student or client out and having a neutral conversation about social media among the kids in your class. Which is why it is important as well for teachers, to be in the know about the different platforms kids and teens are using and what the risks are. Being informed about the security and privacy options available on each platform is essential. This knowledge is equally important for school social workers, kids therapists, pediatricians, kids psychologists and any other professionals in the education industry or working with children.

+ Konsiente conversation with (pre)teens

Konsiente conversations with (pre)teens aims to educate the children about the dangers of social media and help them use these platforms in a more conscious way. Besides teaching them how to set up their security and privacy it teaches them which platforms they can use to start building their positive digital footprint as well. The Konsiente conversations with (pre)teens also focuses on imprinting the high morals and values for the social media use by having them ask themselves:

  • Does what I’ve shared on my Facebook or Instagram account truly represent who I am?
  • The opinion that I expressed about another person, would I have said this to their face and am I ok with it if someone else says the same to me?
  • Do the pages I follow share positive information that expand my knowledge and my life?
  • Are all the people on my friends list my real-life friends as well?
  • Is it truly necessary for someone to now when and where I’m going on vacation, what I had for lunch, what parties I attended and more?

+ Konsiente Sponsorship

Social is here to stay! This is a fact of life. Our society as a whole will benefit if everyone learns how to incorporate its conscious use into their daily lives. Give back to the community by sponsoring a Konsiente session, workshop or seminar and help empower the next (and current) generation by bringing awareness and sparking a revolution of conscious uses among us all!

I am ready to empower you with all the social media awareness knowledge you need! Are you ready to get started?

Yes, I am!

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